Aries/Taurus Crescent Moon
—April 2

Seeing your reality crystal clearly continues to remain seriously and soberingly important, morphing your personal ideals into actual reality—or seeing quite clearly how your actual reality is not reflecting your personal ideals, specifically…

Either way, this realization or final acknowledgement can be quite harsh… but also, incredibly enlightening.

And though this may be how today’s lunarly forecast reads, highlighting an illumination of either a harsh realization or an enlightenment, it’s also how the second quarter of the year begins.

Today the moon moves into Taurus earlier in the morning hours, shifting lunarly Aries-inspired wishful thinking into no-filtered Taurean-influenced harshly focused reality checking—directly following a likely quite abrasive early morning wake-up lunarly square to Pluto through a degree that associates itself to ‘being so attuned to the truth of a situation that no one knows exactly what is needed…’

This early morning focus, then, should absolutely be turned toward the source—and thereby ‘identifying the pivotal power-points in a chaotic situation; seizing one’s opportunity; breaking through to a higher level of success; living in integrity—[which is to be defined as] courageously living out one’s philosophy even when one is out of synch with society; and possessing awareness of all the forces impinging on the moment…’

When the moon squares Pluto our innermost squish is somewhat exposed, called out, and though this is in an effort of overall protection toward eventual transformation—it can feel extremely intense, as you can’t ever quite prepare for just how edgy the edge could go…

And so the crescent phase Aries moon can be extremely convincing and excitable—with spontaneously determined focus upon goals and ideas and ideals and adventures and imaginings and everything in between; it’s too much… though it’s a wonderful place to begin, which is what Aries energies are all about.

Once the crescent moon moves on to Taurus, we turn our starting point into an actual, personally devoted dedication… it is here that your beginning becomes ‘yours’, as it is where the initial spark that beckoned you forth in the first place, and the responsive move you made of free will to take it on—this is the moment of this connection, etherically speaking; this is the beginning.

How are you able to nurture this beginning?—what sector of your life does Taurus rule in your nativity?

Finally, Mars is quite close to its conjunction to Saturn, which will be exact by degree on April 4th, and you are likely feeling these energies, as well, rather heavily or forcibly…

The degree through which Mars and Saturn meet in conjunction is one that associates itself with, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, “powerful life energies [which] can be trained adequately… we are constantly faced with situations which, whether we are aware of it or not, are in fact training situations; God or the Soul is the trainer—and much depends on the attitudes we assume in these situations…”

With Mars and Saturn coming together—there is a massively heavy lesson in endurance, either being offered or administered… especially if, or particularly if, you’re struggling with the newness, and/or whatever is emerging, or if you’re preserving any muscle memory conditioning that no longer serves you—then this conjunction may very well feel a bit harsher to you…

For those of you committed to the newness, the emergences, and the necessary changes that need to be made—this Mars/Saturn conjunction might merely feel like a tightening of your commitment or a deeper dive into your determination toward whatever goal or ideal you’ve already been motivated toward, already working toward…

As for Venus, which governs today’s moon once it moves into Taurus—Venus continues moving through the final degrees of Aquarius, though beyond the bindings of besiegement… Venus will move into Pisces on April 5th and be much happier, though for now Venus is continuing to struggle through the alienated realities of Aquarius and its Saturn-ruled domain—and with the Mars/Saturn conjunction occurring, Venus, too, will feel these pressures, and so it would behoove you to keep this in mind, also.

Even though Venus is moving into Pisces to escape the Aquarian breakdown—your desires, your goals, the prized possession, or the beloved outcome may no longer feel led up river without paddles… but now these are being forced to paddle manually without a boat.

Once again—how badly do you actually really want or need what you think or feel you want or need?—this is the ultimate test.

Grace under pressure…❞
——Ernest Hemingway

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🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by popmyeyes

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