Cancer 1st Quarter Moon at 19°24′
—April 8

Today may be one of those cumbersome days…

The moon is in Cancer, for one, and secondly, it’s squaring both Chiron and the sun while in its first quarter phase… and despite the magically powerful influence of the building Jupiter/Neptune conjunction, finally, the moon is applying connections to the Nodes—of which Saturn continues its hold upon.

I can’t help but wonder if this day is translating into one of those cumbersome solutions, when something tests your will, and it breaks you to the point of tears… and through such an emotional breakdown, you are rewarded with huge relief, the relief of release, and this relief somehow offers you perspective, and—a kind of cumbersome solution.

I ponder this because the degree through which today’s first quarter moon occurs represents ‘festivity’, however, none of the symbolisms surrounding everything, separately or in synthesis, express such a sentiment… it has me wondering—though Rudhyar’s definition of ‘festivity’ is not what one might presume, exactly, as he described the context within this degree as one of integration—if Rudhyar’s “happiness as an overtone of social integration and conformity to custom…” implies the breaking of one’s will toward the ‘conformity to custom’?

Who’s custom?

What custom exactly?

Or, is it perhaps—less of a custom, and more of a compromise?

Obviously, this can be something of a rather huge potential—with seemingly endless examples… but it can also be quite simple—as in the breaking down of physical and/or emotional composure, such as: to be in tears, and to feel a gratified sense of relief and humbly realize a renewed perspective only thereafter.

Or something like it. Something resolvingly cumbersome…

Basically, to gain any movement—it’ll cost you.

Even something as typically lovely as an orgasm, though—today, it might be awarded despite emotionally conflicted efforts.

Or any sentiment of satisfaction… today, something could come up, somewhat simultaneously, that taints the otherwise ease of satisfaction…

Or being offered, or having the opportunity to participate in, an otherwise—what should be—an enjoyable experience… only to be inconvenienced, disappointed, or otherwise burdened from a separate direction.

Or let’s say, a physical feat is accomplished, though an extreme disadvantage challenges the potential thereof throughout the entire process.

Or, through the shadowy lower lazier frequencies, the release of agitated physicality through violence, only to acknowledge the severe repercussive ramifications for such behavior all too late…

I would suggest a verbal, more audibly agitated discussion of sorts with an/Other, but I wonder if, as the moon is now in Cancer—whatever you’re challenge may be or become—it will be navigated more irrationally, emotionally, sentimentally, or even sensually, and psychosomatically, to be expressed more physically or emotionally rather than verbally.

Remember—your character and/or will is being tested…

And so today’s quarter moon may or may not have anything to do with your goals or your ideals—but maybe more about something much more fleeting, or permanent.

Always, however, a first quarter moon in any sign asks us to redefine our goals, and beckons the places within—the squish and all the irrational fears, or simply the places within our heart and mind that prefer the familiar and the safe—that need your focused attention and more functional nurturing toward your ideal—which, I’m imagining that many of you are realizing just how rare ideals truly are, and for those of you living examples of your personal ideal, you’re that much more gratefully steadfast toward them.

And maybe this realization alone is what will metaphorically break your heart…

Intestinal fortitude is absolutely required—today, definitely, but arguably—always.

Intestinal fortitude is absolutely required if you’re pursuing your ideals or attempting to… and it’s definitely a good idea with even your goals.

Intestinal fortitude is absolutely required when the squish and the solution are one and the same… when the will and the test become seemingly inseparable.

Especially when the moon (or the sun, or Venus, or Mars, or Jupiter, or Saturn…) is moving through Cancer…

The cumbersome solutions will emerge through your own sense of self-control and egoic restraint—and, contrary to popular assumption, receptivity will not complicate this, but rather become something more of an opportunity for personal preservation.

Indeed, for those of you willing and able to delve within and sustain a restraint that even you cannot identify with—for those of you going inward and aligning a centeredness that resembles what we all imagine when we consider Buddha… you will realize a solution—albeit one that’s likely uncomfortable in one way or another… but that which is uncomfortable and cumbersome is absolutely sustaining you in ways that will outlive that which comforts you.

I can wait for life to shape me in whatever manner it chooses. Or I can shape me to make life whatever I choose.
——Craig D. Lounsbrough

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by itspeteski

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