It was 2015 on this day when I wrote the first post of what eventually became Moon Moods, and every day—save for a majority of last year’s days, for personal sabbatical—has been transcribed since…

On this day, back in 2015, the sun and Mercury connected in conjunction through the 29th degree of Aries, a degree that associates itself with an ‘attunement to cosmic order’… though I wasn’t aware of this yet.

I would like to thank you, dear readers, for reading… and for your patience. And I really like all your likes, and I love your loves, and I adore you when you share my posts and/or refer my posts otherwise… and I appreciate you when you message me for a reading.

As I’ve told you before—I’ll tell you again—these Moon Moods posts will always be free… though I have plans to widen the celestial overview for you, for which I will share freely for a limited time—at which time these additional posts will be offered to those of you who subscribe for a monthly fee.

I also plan to once again offer monthly horoscopes—for those who subscribe. I will post these offerings again when it comes time, and I thank you in advance for your graciousness.

Thank you, again, dear reader—for all of your unending support and curiosity through the last seven years… and here’s to many more.

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