Pisces/Aries Balsamic Moon
—April 27

Continued reckoning today, from yesterday—energetic, etheric, and essential reckoning…

The moon moves through the final degrees of Pisces through the morning, connecting with Jupiter in conjunction quite early, and moves into Aries* to begin the day on the west coast, and by noon on the east coast, and moving without aspecting through the rest of the day.

The morning, then, may feel mighty, full, harvested, and fertile for possibility and potential—new opportunities may be blooming, or you may be experiencing a full peak in whatever it is you’ve been working on or toward—the bounty of what you’re capable of is becoming more and more clear, recognizable, and perhaps visibly palpable.

Especially as the moon forges forward into Aries, and the day’s energies grow more and more forceful and impatiently forward-feeling—it’s important to ‘keep your personal goals clearly before your mind’s eye; stay on course, undistracted by society’s enticements and threats; and penetrate insight into the human heart.’

Tomorrow will be a new day… though it may present its issues.

Today—know exactly where you’re going, and why you’re heading in that direction.

Everything you have contact with will be woven into your garden.
——Kathy Stinson

*☽♈︎ by 9:10am PDT; 10:10am MDT; 11:10am CDT; 12:10pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by amalita_

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