Leo 1st Quarter Moon at 18°23′
—May 8

On today’s first quarter Leo moon—much needs to be delicately disassembled…

To begin, shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that it is upon this moon that “we meditate on what we give up for the approval and applause of other people, including people we don’t even know…”

Kaldera suggests changing it up a bit, because quarter moons tend to indicate adjustments necessary, or potential pivots in navigating your goals or ideals.

Secondly, just before the moon exacts its square to the sun it exacts one to Uranus through a degree associated with ‘being a participant or an observer’, and can also manifest as ‘disruptive behaviors; problems with people; and barriers between people…’ and this Uranian component could very much speak to these potentials, exponentially so, and thereby somewhat exploiting a need to break free of a cycle, an individual, or a pattern, to retreat, or revaluate more delicately how you’re actually portraying yourself to others.

Remember, too, that Leo energies, specifically for the moon, are very much needing to experience expression… and so this can easily associate itself toward concepts of acting, as in personally embodying a role of character that is very intimately not your own.

These energies, then, could feel somewhat bewildering—either for you or an/Other—to exactly size up or appropriately understand any portrayals or behaviors or roles that feel or seem different, eccentric, or erratic.

But it’s important to remember, nevertheless, that these energies are disrupting in an effort to be more deeply understood, however different or threatening or crazy these disruptions may be.

Moving on, the degree through which the actual quarter moon occurs, squaring itself back to a Taurean sun, associates with ‘trapping people into ideals; feeling unmoored; feeling trapped; choppy seas; no one at the wheel; springing a leak; wanting to bail out; and tipping the boat…’ however, if these sideswipes or out of nowhere changes are leaning more advantageously for you, these energies can be very uplifting and freeing…

Either way, essentially, a centeredness needs to be found… either through role, or individuated will or response, and this centeredness then should try to explore new possibilities, and thereby enjoy new perspectives, angles, or illuminations. Further, this centeredness, essentially, speaks to your balancing abilities between response and reaction, between directed realism and misdirected ideals, and between confidence and fear.

Are you currently directing your life and/or livelihood with determined direction and confidence?

What role, within your life, are you currently portraying?—and how does this role or portrayal require tweaking?

Is your current ‘role’ restrictive or destructive in any way to your ultimate goals or direction?

Are you exploiting or prostituting your real Self through role, however in line with your goals the role may be?

Moving on further, the second decan of Leo is represented by the 6 of Wands in the tarot, a card which associates itself to acknowledgement… tarot writer Jessica Dore writes that “the Greek story of Icarus gives us clues into what happens when we don’t stop to check in with why we’re doing what we’re doing, and how the things were achieving make us feel deep down inside…”

Continued, “the winged man flies up and up and up for no discernible reason other than because he can, only to come crashing down; I can’t tell you how many people I’ve worked with who have what appear to be fantastic jobs, beautiful families, and picturesque homes, yet feel chronically threatened (7 of Wands), uncertain (8 of Wands), exhausted (9 of Wands), directionless and utterly diminished (10 of Wands).”

Further, and finally, Dore concludes that “if we find that we always need to be right, become intensely distressed at the slightest hint of criticism, refuse to engage with anything that might be a challenge, or feel hollow inside despite being viewed by others as excessively fortunate or lucky, it may be time to ask questions about how we define success, where that definition came from, and how we might revise it to make it more true.”

Stay in the center, and you will be ready to move in any direction.❞
——Alan W. Watts

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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