Venus through 15°-23° Aries
—May 15th-21st

The eclipse eclipsed enough of my intended inner scheduling to distract my attentions from the Venusian post, which I had in mind to post on Sunday evening…


Alas, all Venus has been up to since Sunday is separating from a conjunction to Chiron, and moving through the second decan of Aries, while Mars separates from its conjunction with Neptune.

Remember that Venus struggles in Aries, especially when Chiron is involved… to reflect upon last week’s Venus/Chiron midpoint degree conjunction—a conjunction through which would describe the efforts, obstacles, or pains you would be willing to endure for that which you desire—occurred through a degree which astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed as “projecting into everyday living the realization of wholeness and fulfillment…”

Would this, then, describe a new and everyday routine/reality of seemingly out literally ‘paying the price’ for what you want/desire/seek?

Venus struggles in Aries because Aries is a Mars ruled sign—because Mars takes what it wants and charges after what it wants, without any regard whatsoever for anything or anyone else… and Venus, inherently, seeks harmony.

In Aries, Venus is somewhat forced to ‘take charge’ of itself—which is to say: of all things Venusian… particularly those directed toward Self—be this a taking charge of harmony through:

self-gratitude or self-pleasure

As you can see, these are related in zodiacal order toward your own nativity, in regard to where Venus was when you were born.

Because this conjunction occurred within the middlemost degree of Aries implies that whatever self-directed journey you are taking charge upon—that you’ve already began… and the Chironic influence, again, could imply something of a struggle, a hardship, an unexpected setback, an obstacle, or otherwise pain.

Rest assured, Venus is moving beyond Chiron… and so struggles are being worked through, hardships are being processed, unexpected setbacks are exploring unintended solutions, obstacles are being navigated, and any pain is being addressed and appropriately treated.

Venus, however, makes no aspects to anything this week, and so forward motion in a regard we are accustomed to may not present itself as an option, most assuredly not a time-efficient option—so this could be an auspicious time to simply focus inward, unapologetically, whatever this might mean for you in regard to your self-directed journey.

Further, these Venusian energies, this week, may be influencing what Rudhyar described as being ‘clothed in light’, as he transcribed that “in however small a degree, every individual may be confronted with the potentiality of a fulfilling act of self-realization and may, ever so relatively, find himself ‘clothed in light’ for an instant… we are told by it that the fulfillment of desire is a possibility, at whatever level and in however incomplete a manner it may be experienced.”

As this week comes to its end, Venus will be moving through the twenty-first degree of Aries, which can imply a defeat…

And finally, however, the next aspect Venus makes, next week, is to Saturn, through the twenty-sixth degree… a degree which Rudhyar offered the phrase of ‘a man possessed of more gifts then he can hold…’

Also—an obsession by potentiality.

Word to the wise, however, all of this abundance and potential comes with its share of necessary adjustments… as it is all, likely, unfamiliar to you, exactly what you’re dealing with—and what, precisely, this will mean for you, and what it will require of you, and how you will take it on in ways that work for you despite the inexperience—it would not be helpful to you to rush toward any of it.

But you might… because, Venus in Aries.

Rudhyar warns that this would only further complicate matters, and I’ll take this further in next week’s Venus post.

To learn new boundaries and limitations, restrictions, and expectations would be wise… slowly, carefully, and intentionally, and only taking on as much as you can embrace a bit at a time—ultimately, Rudhyar warns that there’s no reason to rush toward what is already yours.

You can’t always get what you want—but if you try some time, you might just find—you get what you need…❞
——The Rolling Stones

Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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