Pisces Last Quarter Moon at 29°45′
—June 20


A last quarter moon occurring upon the very last degree of the zodiac, on the eve of solstice, which represents fresh new beginnings…

Symbolically, oh my—where do I begin!?

I pondered toward the question yesterday, the question of whether you consider yourself to be where you would prefer to be or not, in an effort to nudge you toward the potential reality that you may already be exactly where your thoughts and intentions and efforts have brought you.

In other words—you’re likely exactly in the place, be it spiritually, emotionally, or literally, that you put the effort into arriving upon. Ultimately, we get what we put into it.

This last degree of Pisces, the last sign in zodiacal ordering, associates itself to the ‘concrete manifestations of one’s ideals and enduring truths; the culmination of efforts; projections of ideal images; and defining one’s fate through conscious manifestation…’ there’s ambition within this degree—a symbolism of more…

Because, like the end of the zodiac—energy never dies, it simply changes form… the end of the zodiac simply rebirths all of its previous efforts of evolutionary motivations into the next phase or leveling through the zero point of Aries, to do it all over again… but better this time, with meaning.

They say that the keys to what we refer to as happiness or fulfillment are to be found within the holy trinity: through having someone/something to love or care for; through having a purpose—personal responsibility/accountability; and through having something to look forward to… this degree exploits those inner goals we harbor, that which inspires even the deepest parts of ourselves… the good, old fashioned reason for being alive—a personal goal to work toward, one which lasts the entirety of your life.

What exactly are you projecting to the universe?—and what is the language, precisely, that the universe is translating from this? It really might not be what you think it is…

What are you trying to project?

And further—what’s the essential difference between Pisces and Aries?

Giving, and taking.

Piscean energies and its endless, boundarilessness of giving—it can be burdened, inevitably, with quite righteous shades of martyrdom.

Aries, the infant, takes… much more, Aries receives. Innocently. Shamelessly. As though everything is simply given—because it is.

This is huge.

Where in your reality and ideal are you a giver?—and where do you take? Or, more bluntly—where do you give, and where do you hope or plan or expect to take? This is where it gets a bit real…

Jupiter is moving through Aries these days… and in the very near future—2025/26—even martyred Neptune will move into Aries: this is an ultimate, boundariless game changer, folks—free loaders, beware; virtue signalers, beware; woe is me validators, beware; equality opportunity for all… beware.

All of these seemingly unconscious and ‘faraway’ matters and mayhems are very much being illuminated through this lunarly event today… none of it matters—and it all matters, simultaneously—and it is all being experienced somewhat directly right Now.

Particularly, ‘realizing that how high (or how low) one goes depends on limitations in inner consciousness—that heaven and hell are within…’ and as astrologer Austin Coppock expresses, “here the central conflict is how to reconcile one’s understandings of the true nature of reality with the world-as-it-is… of finding harmony with apparent reality of things while living and embodying one’s ideals—this is the phase in which we are challenged to reconcile beliefs, ideals and the way things are…”

Thereby, the 9 of Cups in the tarot associates itself with the third decan of Pisces, a card that associates itself with knowing what you want, intrinsically, through knowing who you are inherently.

It’s like finding a magical lamp and not being able to ask the genie for unlimited wishes… you’ve got one—what’s your wish!?

But here’s the kicker—it’s not really a wish, because you’ll have to actually work for it.

What is of true value to you?

What will you give—not to receive, but because you simply need to offer something of yourself?

And what would you like to receive?—not because you’ve given, but because you would like to participate within the exchange of receiving and offering…

The receiving and offering of value. It’s an ongoing, continuous process of living.

Are you actively participating in the give-and-take of the cosmos?—and trusting this?—or are you giving and giving and giving so that you have no leftover time or availability or space to receive, and then finding pleasure in the complaint of this conditioned defensively mechanistic cycle because it’s safe and familiar to you?

Often we imagine that we will work hard until we arrive at some distant goal, and then we will be happy. This is a delusion. Happiness is the result of a life lived with purpose. Happiness is not an objective. It is the movement of life itself, a process, an activity.❞
Ethan Hawke

☽♈︎ by 8:37pm PDT; 9:37pm MDT; 10:37pm CDT; 11:37pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by scalpel.collage

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