Virgo Disseminating Moon—January 11

Perspective is everything.

I can’t stress this enough…

Especially these days—in this age we’re living through.

When the moon is in Virgo we tend to crave or strive for clarity—and today you may even be granted a smidge…

Still—you will need to be willing to look at all sides. And this takes creativity and imagination, not to mention patience and empathy, understanding and actual experience. It reminds you that objectivity is not always actually possible in all situations… clarity is a gift granted to the experienced.

Today may invoke an instinct from deep within you that is urging and yearning to experience—something, anything—to do something about something you know needs something done about it…

Your first instincts may be to purely do, however primal this emerges for you. However… today’s energies are demanding a bit more etiquette, a bit more know-how, a bit more experience—without losing yourself.

How does one gain experience when one has yet to actually experience?! It’s like a retrograde back to your twenties when you’ve been told and tutored that you need, firstly and most importantly, that you need credit… but in reality, you have no credit, and no one is willing to offer you anything to begin this process.

Instead of focusing on experience you do not have—try honing in on the experience you do possess: what value do you offer; what meaningfulness exists within this value; what inspires you to further experience this?

What experiences within yourself, that you already possess and understand, could you use more of?—something you would enjoy furthering?

Perspective is everything.

There are no facts, only interpretations.

—Friedrich Nietzsche

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