Aries Balsamic Moon—April 18

Eight years ago today the first—what would eventually become titled Moon Moods—post was published…

Eight years ago today nearly twenty of you were reading my first translations, bless your hearts… thank you—and thank you to all of you for (still) reading these translations.

Eight years ago today I had absolutely no idea what would become of what was being called of me…

{{{{{{{thank you}}}}}}}

Y’all, I am beyond grateful—nearly daily, for eight years now, I am paralyzed with gratitude—for you, dear readers, and for my dear clients, and for any of the randomly relevant questions you have for me, the love you share with me, and the inner curiosity you honor through your personal investment in your own best life…

I am grateful to be even the smallest part of your extraordinary journey.

Astrologers can be many things—personal cheerleaders, life coaches, professional advisors, soul listeners, and simply, just astrological guides. Either way, an essential talent of an astrologer is in seeing around corners, through the trees and from the highest peaks, as well as from the deepest depths of a really harsh time in one’s life—it is beyond a talent of probability—it is the honor of reminding you of your wildest potentials…

And all of you are so incredibly different, so celestially, uniquely interesting—and all of you are so connected within such a beautifully cohesive phenomena, of just being alive. Writing daily translations of how energy might be perceived… it’s a fascinating opportunity.

It is my honor to show up in your feed everyday and in your inbox from time to time—thank you for reading, thank you for supporting, thank you for sharing, and thank you for subscribing… thank you for your interest and investment in something that I consider my calling, something I consider my joy… something I take extremely seriously—the potentials in every moment in Time.

Within eight years of opening myself to you I have changed my own life absolutely—I am living my best life, unapologetically… I am walking my planets every day, walking my red carpet—and strategizing my next moves—and hopefully, inspiring you to do the same.

{{{{{{{thank you}}}}}}}

So now… as for today—

Today and tomorrow—up until exactly 9:12pm PDT*—are the last balsamic phases within Aries (until next month), which is to say that today and tomorrow are the last days to either seek appropriate council, or to personally—and most individually—address and heal your own wounding…

Next month these days will be May 15-17th.

In June, these days will be the 11-13th.

One day in July will offer an Aries balsamic moon—July 10th.

That’s it y’all—until some time next March…

So you’ve got until July—but, being as this total eclipse occurs on Wednesday, here on the west coast, it’s particularly pertinent to get yourselves a grip of some kind within today or tomorrow.

Through May, June, and July—addressing and healing your own wounding will be within an entirely new context…

And that’s another story—a story you’re about to begin reading.

The Aries balsamic moon is a moon that is very much an idealistic moon, though, at the same time, very much a survivalist moon. Through this moon a very personalized kind of hopefulness is being illuminated… yet, there is something quite essential to be learned through these times—something somewhat painful to acknowledge, much less confront and/or work through. And this moon wants the whole nine yards—this moon needs you to put it to bed… and apply it.

It’s a lot. And it’s been surfacing and emerging.

Today’s moon squares Mars, of all planets—despite Mars being in governance—through a degree forewarning of ‘a bomb which failed to explode…’ and so it quickly has one wondering many things simultaneously…

Frustrations are high, let’s just say.

And potential expectations.

Ever if you’re not feeling especially ‘explosive’, someone within your immediate environment might be… and so self-restraint, in many ways, to mean many things, is key. Further, understanding constructive ways in which you may need to release excess energies is a healthy alternative to exploding.

There could be a real carelessness to be navigated…

This carelessness could also resemble your own—as in a failed initiative to make necessary changes within your psyche or personal reality… which is equally as destructive, and eventually explosive.

Moon/Mars squares are uncomfortable, particularly through the Aries perspective… and so today may not be too lighthearted. Should you navigate your day in a way that negates any explosiveness you may even feel as though you dodged a war zone—you may still witness aggressiveness all around you.

Even if the explosiveness is merely emotional, and thereby irrational—and however healthy that, in itself, it may be—there may be countless observations toward how these reactions could have been avoided, more appropriately worked through, and/or relieved otherwise.

Even through its highest vibration, this degree point forewarns a ridiculous amount of egoic perfectionism, which is to suggest that anything less would be considered failure… which is, obviously, just as destructive as an explosive outburst.

Today’s best advice would be to breathe, and to try to relax into the chaos in a protective manner… to retreat and restore your spirits.

Whatever it is, for it, it’s likely a lot…

Try to remember the pulse point of why it all matters.

That you matter…

And that even the smallest unknowing step forward will make all the difference—even eight years later.

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It would be a sin to help you destroy yourself.

—Leo Tolstoy

*by 9:12pm PDT; 10:12pm MDT; 11:12pm CDT; 12:12am EDT tomorrow

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