★Tuesday Forecast

Gemini Balsamic Moon
—July 6

As the moon connects to the North Node again through the eleventh degree (last here on June 9th) Venus opposes Saturn, connects to Chiron by trine, and applies a square to Uranus, suggesting that the mentality, or even actuality, of new potentials could demand some quiet time—or should you be so inclined—a much-needed respite or retreat.

A Gemini moon prefers to share and communicate, however this Gemini moon is somewhat exhausted, balsamic, and thereby needing to communicate more inwardly, in reflection or meditation… or in focusing more closely and intimately inward in some regard.

This might even feel like something of an obligation now—to go inward, or to actually acquire and protect the quiet time, or down time, time for self, or recovery time to simply take the breather you’ve been needing to take now for awhile.

Just slow things down and it becomes more beautiful.❞
——David Lynch

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★Monday Forecast

Taurus/Gemini Balsamic Moon
—July 5

The influence of the lunarly ingress into Gemini illuminates Mercury’s third and final square to Neptune that much more clearly, and it’s quite possible that instances or details or themes from late May, as well as early June, will now become more clarified, informed, responsive, or understandable…

You might even discover that you know something more, much more intuitively.

This knowing, however, will not likely be logical or reasonable or even intellectual—but ethereal, subtle, and oh so magical… you’ll feel it.

People don’t realize how much they are in the grip of ideas. We live among ideas much more than we live in nature.❞
——Saul Bellow

★Sunday Forecast

Taurus Balsamic Moon
—July 4

Today’s vibrations build from yesterday, and possibly from beyond, and further illuminate this building and imploding pressure almost poetically.

Several things—

The protective Cancer sun squares, or defensively (and potentially passive-aggressively) confronts, the weaknesses and wounds of Chiron…

The tough-as-nails exterior/squishy-on-the-inside Taurean moon squares (confronts) a loud and abrasive Mars in Leo as it connects to the erratic urgencies of rebellion or self-authority through Uranus exactly…

And messages through Mercury applies a square to mistranslations through Neptune—the third and final of three (the first on May 22nd at 22°54′, and the second, through its station, June 5th at 23°05′ )—to be exact July 6th  at 23°10’…

Flexibility may not be an option—the strength of your unbending will is what matters now. Receptivity, however, is recommended. There’s a difference—lean into it—you can express an air of authoritative approachability without communicating rigidity, weakness or gullibility.

Additionally, keep in mind that whatever your circumstances are in these moments—the core of the matters lies within yourself, meaning: your self, you and you alone—this however metaphorical battle is not to be battled in an/Other’s honor—it is yours.

Something that has not been expressed is needing expressed, and it will be expressed in one way or another—either you’ll stand up for yourself and honor this, or explosive subconscious projections will begin to expose themselves… and that which is exposed could be exactly what feels, or is, in actuality, so vulnerable—or for others, these energies could represent something of an emphasis shift, inwardly or outwardly, toward more appropriately placed awarenesses, though this shift could sting a bit—outing the ego within it.

Ultimately, these building and erupting energies are about confrontational honesty with yourself—about yourself—and whatever that might mean for you.

Maybe we’re too busy being flowers or fairies or strawberries instead of something honest and worthy of respect… you know… like being people.❞
——Toni Cade Bambara

★Saturday Forecast

Taurus Balsamic Moon
—July 3

Today’s security-seeking Taurean moon illuminates Mars tensions in square aspect to freedom-demanding Uranus as it applies a lunarly conjunction to the Awakener, exact just after midnight…

Today’s security-seeking Taurean lunarly influencing is very well struggling with the motivations within the fusing of real time fireworks—if temperaments are not building or exploding the buzz is likely buzzing.

A Mars/Uranus square alignment exacting itself through tomorrow can manifest rather accidentally, however unapologetically, and typically quite symbolically of Nature’s own capacity of fireworks finales—this has been building since at least mid-June, when Mars ingressed into Leo, and whatever underlying tensions that have been building since then or before are likely to erupt quite loudly and proudly…

It could be, however, a subconsciously underlying urge, to communicate or express yourself more clearly or truly or authentically rather than a physical action, which is more typical of these particular planetary energies… especially as it was mid-June that the Geminian solar eclipse occurred—it might be that now you have the ideal words, the words and thoughts and feelings you didn’t quite have clarified then.

Today’s (and this week’s) building/erupting potentials may not be so much about physical aggression as they might be about energetic/psychical expression and reception.

When hearts listen, angels sing… and one cannot be offered much more security than that.

It is the still, small voice that the soul heeds, not the deafening blasts of doom.
——William Dean Howells

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★Friday Forecast

Aries Balsamic Moon
—July 2

Issues and circumstances of powerlessness linger today, however, despite a weakened and somewhat powerless balsamic phasing, there is more motivation to move beyond points of pain.

Additional highlighting occurs, too, through a solar square to Chiron—to the likely point of pain or vulnerability, be this a past tense memory or a current real time wound, disappointment, or source of contention… as well as a later lunarly square to Pluto, adding a bit of an edge to whatever bluntness has been blundered…

Today could potentially pinpoint something of a peak in its current abrasiveness between the ongoing and building and exacting tensions between Mars, Saturn, and Uranus.

But really, really and truly, this is all an opportunity… and what an empowering opportunity it could be, if you let it become so.

A sense of motivation, or even momentum, is gained today… and this would be a boldly radical way to most constructively use these vibrations and reverberations—especially in relation to more personal concerns of vulnerability, empowerment, and ultimately, personal authority moving forward.

Life’s a ball if you let it be, kid… try to always let it be.❞
——my dad

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•●Thursday Forecast★

Aries Last Quarter Moon at 10°14′
*2:10pm PDT; 3:10pm MDT; 4:10pm CDT; 5:10pm EDT
—July 1

Today may highlight or illuminate issues of powerlessness…

Personal authorship and outright authority is being illuminated now… are you taking authorship for your actions?

If so, in what ways… and if not, why not?

Are you making decisions for your life and livelihood?—and are you taking actions toward these decisions?

Are you holding yourself personally accountable for your choices, preferences, demands, and ideals of lack thereof?

What are your options here… and how can you better author your ideals into your reality?

Your opportunity today and through this week invoke the pain of past wounds in quiet solitude, up against a rock and a potentially very hard place, in an effort to seek effective and thorough healing in an ultimate effort to move on and take back control of your life and livelihood… learning from past experiences to apply appropriately in the future.

If you’re dedicated to change, let it cost you something.❞
——Viola Davis

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★Wednesday Forecast

Pisces/Aries Disseminating Moon
—June 30

Today presents opportunity to acknowledge, claim, own, and reflect your truth and your ideals…

If you’re failing to ‘walk your talk’ in any way—this could come to your attention now, however abrasively… and depending upon how you respond—or react—this could invite or perpetuate a vulnerability you’ve been ignoring, avoiding, or denying, and could even dramatize or exploit it.

More simply, today could illuminate an inner, or more subconscious, truth that you cling to or allow too much room for, especially if this truth is not true, or is not yours… today offers a way to revive your truths or purify your truths—truths that are struggling.

Further, it would be humbling to reflect or meditate upon who you are and who you’re working to become, and consider all the powers and limitations alike that will naturally come with and through this process of personal evolution.

Is there a version of yourself that you continue to honor?—or fail to honor?

Is there a version of yourself that you are more comfortable with, or less so? How so…

What version of yourself would you want most to share with an/Other consistently and honestly and vulnerably?

Keep your heart open to this version of yourself, whether it’s who you currently reflect, or are living and learning toward, through this week and beyond…

We have to dare to be ourselves, however frightening or strange that self may prove to be.
——May Sarton

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★Tuesday Forecast

Pisces Disseminating Moon
—June 29

Temperatures—and, potentially, tempers—are truly beginning to rise, especially underneath it all, building to a boil, as malefic Mars moves to apply both an opposition to a retrograded malefic Saturn (exact July 1st at 12°22′) and a square to erratic Uranus (exact July 3rd at 13°55′)…

This week will be memorable, for better or worse.

And an all-absorbing, all-embodying, all-inclusive Piscean moon may be feeling it all along the way…

The opportunity here lies within the inner and personally authentic understanding toward that which is seemingly liberating and that which is seemingly secure, and the (re)aligning of natural balance thereof and thereby.

Ultimately—what are the best, and most constructive, ways for pent up energies to be released?

In what ways is your reality reflecting your ideals? Or not…

In what ways are you participating in the giving and receiving necessary to manifest your ideals into your reality?

The boiling point of water is straightfoward, but the boiling point of societies is mysterious.❞
——Rebecca Solnit

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★Monday Forecast

Pisces Disseminating Moon
—June 28

Faith is restored from within as your new desires connect more appropriately and authentically with your ideals… in fact, there is a good possibility that this good feeling could go to your head entirely—try to maintain your balance and alignment.

Several factors indicate a fair likelihood that any sensation of ease could go further and easily out of realistic proportion… 

To blend and balance… or break through boundaries?

If you’re not experiencing ease—perhaps you’re feeling called to assert your will upon something needing your attention and focus first, before feeling the satisfaction of something completed?

Finding a sense or semblance of balance and alignment within this precious place of pause, or ease, or overall delight would behoove you now.

There is, however, hope for any person who wants to remain an individual—he can assert himself and refuse to conform. He’ll be on his own, that’s true, but while he will not have the security enjoyed by those who do conform, there will be no limits to what he may achieve.❞
——J. Paul Getty

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★Sunday Forecast

Aquarius Disseminating Moon
—June 27

Continued dismay, disillusionment, or disheartened perspectives could color today’s hours… or simply a loaded weight to be experienced somewhat energetically.

Or… depending upon how you’re embracing recent changes and adaptations, today could offer opportunities for you to feel through your potentials—though, nevertheless, a certain amount of weight remains.

Today, obviously, either way, illuminates a recent trigger point, or ultimate burden—try to breathe through it with an open heart and an open mind.

If you’re dedicated to change, let it cost you something.❞
——Viola Davis

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