Cancer Crescent Moon
—May 5

Continuing yesterday’s brutal honesty toward authenticity and personal needs—today zooms in ever more closely into the truths toward what would appropriately fulfill you.

I get it—the idea of an ‘appropriate amount’ of fulfillment reads strangely, as though it doesn’t much make actual sense to our psyche…

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this degree, this degree of what he claimed to be fulfillment, and shared that the idea of ‘an American dream’ of ‘plenty’ is also quite a familiar notion to most of us, as is the notions of ideal and abundance… though really, ultimately, it’s all just energy and with energy: more for you is more for me, and so on.

Of course, like everything—everything in balance.

The problems begin when good fortunes are overdone, overenjoyed, overbooked, overindulged, overspent, or overeaten and likewise…

This balance, as well, is something a Taurean sun knows something about—particularly toward matters of abundance and fulfillment… today the sun meets Uranus in conjunction within a degree of Taurus that associates itself to ‘inner poise’ and this degree simultaneously connects to today’s moon by sextile; the collaboration, then, between these two energies regard ‘braving the storm’ between any imbalances thereby or thereabouts.

True enjoyment comes from activity of the mind and exercise of the body; the two are ever united.❞
——Wilhelm von Humboldt

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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Gemini/Cancer Crescent Moon
—May 4

Continuing efforts of trimming the fluff today… particularly through communicative means, though as the moon shifts from Gemini to Cancer, these more mindfully examined communicative means begin to nurture more emotionally toned ways in which we please others.

Personal authenticity, in a way, is being examined now.

Just before the moon moves to Cancer, however, the moon connects to Jupiter by square, suggesting improvisational inspirations, ‘living in the moment and for the moment’, though also ‘letting problems take care of themselves’… but then again, these inspirations and all the presence could point toward news, or new information finding its way to you—new beginnings.

However, “this can also show the mimicking of sounds to bring joy to those who need to hear the right thing… [because] sometimes it is better to tell someone what they would like to hear than to confront him or her with a harsh reality or something new and unfamiliar…”

Either way, however you choose to utilize today’s energies, once the moon has moved into Cancer (and I’ve been known to pinpoint this lunarly shift every month in an effort to simply prepare…), today could indicate a particular fussiness—big surprise.

Further, “trying to influence another’s thoughts by constantly repeating or going over things is not acceptable, especially if it feels like harassment…”

Further still, “there may be a need to retire to somewhere inaccessible while you regain your breath and your confidence…”

Furthermore, “a lot of arguing going on inside your own mind [is likely], which can lead to feeling disempowered.”

Essentially what is trying to occur here, particularly emotionally, is an effort toward self-justification… and with this there may be a sense of hesitancy or conflict, in one way or another, for one reason or another—there’s likely a lot going on, in more ways than one.

However you decide to ration or rationalize your thoughts or your feelings—do try to thoroughly understand your rationalizations… or don’t bother—to avoid, as Ayn Rand once suggested, “rationalization is a process of not perceiving reality, but of attempting to make reality fit one’s emotions.”

One of the saddest lessons of history is this: If we’ve been bamboozled long enough, we tend to reject any evidence of the bamboozle. We’re no longer interested in finding out the truth. The bamboozle has captured us. It’s simply too painful to acknowledge, even to ourselves, that we’ve been taken. Once you give a charlatan power over you, you almost never get it back.❞
——Carl Sagan

☽♋︎ by 4:05pm PDT; 5:05pm MDT; 6:05pm CDT; 7:05pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by julienpacaud

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Gemini Crescent Moon
—May 3

It is upon the Gemini crescent phase that shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states “we examine our communication patterns as well as our nonverbal signals that are out-and-out advertising, messages we send in order to seem better (or, in some cases, worse) than we really are…”

The last Gemini crescent phase was April 5th, which was the last time you had the opportunity to discover more about how you communicate—with yourself and with others—particularly in those times when all your words matter, and hold that much more weight,, such as an interview, or a public speech, or on a first date.

Manipulation, then, is very much a part of today’s energies…

Do try not to be the verbal manipulator or the manipulated—if that’s a word?—and choose your words wisely and carefully, as communications, specifically, could be much more direct today.

To manipulate, by definition, is to ‘manage or influence skillfully, especially in an unfair manner; or to adapt or change to suit one’s purpose or advantage’… and so be the way in communicative techniques—in an effort to manipulate your potentials, your gains, and your opportunities for, by, or from others in more constructively positive ways… rather than deconstructively or unfairly.

Today is a really timely day to consider the ways you communicate, and to examine the ways in which you struggle.

Further, you might also look at all of the surrounding and supportive details about communicating—such as your mannerisms, your etiquette, your vocabulary, and your tone… it may be necessary, now, to scrap some of the non-essentials—to simplify, in an effort to manipulate your stronger skills, and eliminate your nastier communicative habits.

Until you realize how easy it is for your mind to be manipulated, you remain the puppet of someone else’s game.❞
——Evita Ochel

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by virg.design

Hill, L. “360 Degrees of Wisdom.” A Plume Book; ©2004.
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Venus through 29° Pisces-7° Aries
—May 1-7

In researching the celestial transcriptions from a specifically Venusian perspective—rather than a lunarly perspective—I immediately thought to myself: why haven’t I been doing this the entire time?!—to which the pesky answer to that question was obvious: it’s a ton of work…!!!


So I’ll offer you five complimentary weeks—Venus would insist.

If you’re wondering how Venus Moods will be different from Moon Moods—primarily through perspective. As I write in more of, please allow me, a lunarly tone when I write for the moon—the weekly Venus posts will be written from a Venusian perspective, in a Venusian tone, toward a Venusian desire, and will be written by the week rather than daily because Venus moves more slowly than does the moon.

I have a feeling that many of you will resonate to this new perspective, to this additional layer within your astrological kaleidoscope of awareness…

I will do the same for the sun, for Mercury, and for Mars—all bundled by the week and all complimentary for five weeks, react separately for now, and I will find a creative way to bundle the outer planets together for quarterly posts—as they all move so much more slowly…

For now, please welcome a Venusian perspective!—


As Venus has moved through all the emotionally and psychically charged oceanography of Pisces, with the celestially blessed conjunctions to both Neptune and Jupiter in a tandem sequence—chances are—you now more intuitively and etherically know, as in an inner soul knowing, an inner knowing within your soul… what it is you really want—and what you actually need.

—By May 1st, it is very likely, something—or several things, or matters, or feelings, or conditioning, or issues, or ideas—had to go to make way for your ultimate ideal.

Out beyond all the chatter and the noise and the opinions and the ‘facts’, you now know more about who you are than you have in awhile. And much more—and perhaps much more essentially—you know so much more about who you are and who you are working and growing and evolving to become… and perhaps neither can occur without the other.

As biblical texts will inform, the Word was the beginning, and the Word, then, holds much more power and authority than the mere thought, or intention… for it was the Word that the universe was born through, through the words ‘let there be light’.

Astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed this as the “power of clearly visualized ideals to mold the life of the visualizer…” and, again, perhaps even more titillating, it “brings to us a realization of the power of archetypes as factors conditioning life processes.”

Still, each single drop that creates the whole of the ocean is but a single drop without the whole of the ocean… each is magically separate and imperative, and yet neither can exist to the fullest potential without the other. Similarly, whatever your goals or ideals, archetypal conditionings or visions of more are—these are but drops, ultimately, and thereby, simultaneously, both require and resist the whole of the ocean.

In Aries, Venus as Aphrodite, is born, birthed, emerged, quickened straight from the Piscean sea, just as Botticelli painted… what we desire is either revived or reborn or redirected toward a more appropriate pursuit worthy of our precious time.

Unsurprisingly, in Aries, Venus is a smidge impatient—only because Venus is much more excitable in Aries; everything, symbolically and metaphorically, is experienced as brand new!

I wrote, through the moon’s perspective for May 1st, about balance and alignment, asking you, within “the greater good, within the Whole, in rhythm with the clockworks, and in tandem with All That Is…” if you are in balance and in alignment with these foundations. Through the perspective of Venus, for the same day, renewed and born again in Aries, and thereby somewhat, by default, obliged toward alignment—should this not be forsaken or misused… the perspective of Venus, then, is much more concerned with claiming even a single drop of that ocean as her own, and using this drop to explore an individuated selfhood, either as oneself or one’s new or renewed passion or venture as its own life force.

Relation to yourself, or toward your new or renewed passion or venture, then, should be taken on exploratorily, somewhat naively, and genuinely playfully… visions, too, should be open-eyed and severely curious, determined—however unreasonably or impulsively, and, of course, you are likely excited and impatient to get going…

A ‘decisive action’ is required, as well as ‘confidence in the soundness of [your] will and [your] impulses; rejecting the present course of events and acting to secure a new and better future; following an inner vision toward a distant goal; and assessing forces and choosing battles accordingly…’

The love and devotion you exercise now, most tenderly, will be reflected throughout everything… and so to set out upon this new adventure or opportunity or otherwise with authentic visions and proclamations of eventual conquering would very much be in the spirit of Venus in Aries. Of course your desired pursuits will move beyond the zodiacal interests of Aries by May 28th, this is simply where the Venusian energies are compelled for now.

—May 2nd is, perhaps, the actual emergence… symbolically speaking.

An “emergence of new forms and of the potentiality of consciousness” is what Rudhyar promised within transcription… the zero point degree of Aries marks an original origin point, a first beginning, an emerging actualization.

Rudhyar writes, “to be individually conscious means to emerge out of the sea of generic and collective consciousness—which to the emerged mind appears to be unconsciousness; such an emergence is the primary event—it is the result of some basic action: a leaving behind, an emerging from a womb or matrix, here symbolized by the sea…”

Continued, “such an action is not to be considered a powerful, positive statement of individual being—in the beginning is the Act; but it is often an imperceptible, insecure act; the small tender germ out of the seed does not loudly proclaim its existence, it has to pierce through the crust of the soil still covered with the remains of the past… it is all potentiality and a minimum of actual presence.”

Getting back around to Venus, specifically, in Aries—the concept and emergence of self-assertion is the most desired conquest.

However. With this zero point of Aries, and all the naturally emerging potential abound—failure, indeed, is nearly inherently reserved.

Particularly for truly new beginnings, toward new desires… but also for revivals within ongoing cycles—the overlapping patterning being offered is, yet again, up to be challenged once more through what Rudhyar states are “the ghosts of past failures during previous cycles… the impulse upward is held back by regressive fear or insecurity; the issue of the conflict depends on the relative strength of the future-ward and the past-ward force.”

Where have your desires led you in the past?

What doors have your desires opened or closed for you?

Rudhyar states that “the possibility of success and that of failure is implied throughout the entire process of actualization—every release of potentiality contains this two-fold possibility.”

A ‘clever improvisation’ is necessary now.

—May 3rd is when Venus begins to apply a sextile connection to Mercury, now in Gemini, where Mercury is exalted… and so there is a natural inclination to begin questioning yourself, and most pertinently your desires, learning from the answers provided, hopefully, or somewhat forcefully learning the lessons, and then objectively considering all the various routes toward your goal from this point, the alternatives, and all the yet-to-be discovered or acknowledged possibilities…

As Rudhyar would state it, “an attempt to evolve an objective awareness of existence…” which is to say—an ability to honestly look at yourself in the mirror, as well as seeing in yourself what others see… so, how badly do you actually want what you feel you want—or need what you think you need?

This is the point when you begin to ‘grasp the broad outlines of [your] destiny…’ as you feel the need to ‘put [your] stamp on society.’

Venus, in Aries, would need to see the best version, the highest, the most-est, and the most elevated of potentials in all ways, for all things… and perhaps this might become the first flaw or failure.

—The next day, May 4th, as Venus applies even more closely to Mercury, you and your desires may begin to recognize a new identity—with both yourself and your desires, and the livelihood of these to this point… there is great security to be enjoyed here.

—On the fifth, much later in the evening on the west coast, Venus will exact its sextile connection to Mercury toward a degree that associates itself to ‘irrepressibility’… and as Rudhyar put it, “the capacity for self-transcending”… and toward Mercury, a transcending attempt through actual communication with an/Other, and possessing the genuine courage necessary now to go out on that limb and reach for the juiciest fruit.

And with this, obviously, your desires will need to go against the grain and overturning old beliefs, conditions, desires, or egoic securities… a resonance between yourself and your desires, now, is necessary to proceed, which may require you to withdraw for a bit of time to thoroughly feel through all of these new changes, and all of these emerging demands… all of the overall newness.

How are your desires becoming conscious?

This consciousness your desires are experiencing, however—there is so much more to explore… your ideal, then, is requiring actualization.

And this, my friends, is now your personal responsibility.

—By May 6th, this obligation will become more obvious to you… the details of your desires become stirred and perseverance toward your potentialities is essential now.

—And finally, by May 7th, it may begin to truly come to you what it actually is your desires could potentially actualize through you… and all of this realization and broadened awareness tends to try to harden an otherwise innocently unbothered mindset of perspective.

Then again, please realize that Venusian transits and natural Venusian placements are essential details… for example, your natal Venus is in Scorpio, and so transiting Venus in Aries presents its own unique misunderstandings, because Aries and Scorpio—despite sharing the commonality that is a Mars rulership—cannot see one another zodiacally, as they are inconjunct to one another. And so, these types of basic considerations, always, need to be acknowledged and assessed…

In this instance, then, should you have Venus in Scorpio natally while Venus moves through Aries currently—your emerging desires could come with immediate misunderstandings, sparks misfiring, or misunderstood motivations, particularly toward your essential goal or ideal, desire or need. However, of these more foundational things are finding a synchronization, you might find that the process of assertion may be complicated, challenged, or otherwise conflicted… but, then again, emergence depends upon confliction.

Though, if your natal Venus is in Aries… well then, you’re experiencing a Venusian return, and with that—a very dramatically (re)emerging desire indeed.

Stay tuned for next week—week two of Venus Moods.

There is, however, hope for any person who wants to remain an individual. He can assert himself and refuse to conform. He’ll be on his own, that’s true, but while he will not have the security enjoyed by those who do conform, there will be no limits to what he may achieve.❞
——J. Paul Getty

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Gemini Crescent Moon
—May 2

You’ve undoubtedly heard that turn of phrase, what you think is what you are?—it is no more actualized otherwise than it is today.

What have you been thinking about?

What have you been focusing on?

What have you been envisioning?

And, perhaps more specifically—have these thoughts, focuses, and envisions become reflected, resonated, or reverberated back at you?

There’s a transcending notion of motion occurring… though, it might purely be a matter of consciousness.

Your life is controlled by what you focus on.❞
——Tony Robbins

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by luna.lingua


Taurus Crescent Moon
—May 1

Are you in balance?

Are you in alignment?

More essentially, are you in alignment with the greater good, within the Whole, in rhythm with the clockworks, and in tandem with All That Is?

Perhaps, then, somewhat importantly, depending upon how you’ve answered the above questions—how do you appoint, prepare and secure your personal boundaries?

Again, depending upon how you’ve answered these questions—are your personal boundaries working for you?—or against you and your ideals or goals?

The materials of city planning are: sky, space, trees, steel and cement, in that order and that hierarchy.❞
——Le Corbusier

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by alksko


Taurus Solar Eclipse at 10°28′
—April 30

The moon moves to be in Taurus, and is thereby considered to be exalted in Taurus… but today is not a quotidian moon, nor is it your typical new moon—today’s moon is a Taurean solar eclipse.

This eclipse, of course, will inevitably shake up and/or rearrange and/or demand a necessary pivot within whatever house it occurs within your personal nativity—and this will be personal to you… however, regardless of where this celestial event occurs for you, it could manifest as through matters of comfort.

This eclipse will occur through a degree of Taurus that is associated with ‘patience and care; nurturing; and looking after small details to reap treasures later…’

This eclipse is also conjunct Uranus, only a few degrees away, and thereby both invests and invites potentials and possibilities that may seem impractical upon first glance… though improbabilities may be another story, indeed—it would depend upon your personal placements. Also, depending upon how much time you invest in or on yourself—it may be an impractical enough notion to “take time to nurture the physical self…” which this eclipse could nudge you toward.

Also, there may be a more severe need to listen to your body, and what it may be trying to tell you or alert you toward.

Taurean energies are all about embodying the physical—through nurturing and thoroughly enjoying the body, through touching, through loving, and maneuvering all the various sensations our skin and nerve endings can offer, and our heartbeats can pace through, and feeling truly a genuine sense of satisfaction, self-satisfaction, simply being within the protection of our own skin, and body, and selfhood.

Taurean energies are naturally protective, nurturing, and deliberate.

What are the ways that you can deliberately protect and nurture yourself?—think regeneratively motivated, as this is an eclipse, and thereby a time of endings and surrendering or otherwise releasing that which no longer holds any vitality…

What in your personal reality needs to be released so that something new or revived will have room to bloom?

Further, despite spring being marked calendarically in March, today’s Taurean blooms may feel more inspired by the sparks of the Uranian conjunction, but also through the Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurring simultaneously… literally ‘growing into your future’ is very much a part of today’s energies, as astrologer Dane Rudhyar transcribed, ‘as the roots, so the flowers’…

To nurture and love yourself genuinely is to nurture and love everything around you, your entire environment, and All That Is.

The Venus/Jupiter conjunction occurs through a degree that represents ‘peak experiences’…

Further still, within this peak experience, there is very much a deliberate embodiment—to love and nurture (yourself, or anything) because (you, anything) require love and nurturing. Astrologer Austin Coppock writes of the second decan of Taurus, that “once planted, the matter must be attended to carefully and consistently—one cannot decide to water a plant when one chooses, nor can one make up for neglect by a double application of effort the next day… consistency and dedication must join fecundity and passion.”

Tarot writer Jessica Dore writes of the 6 of pentacles, which is associated with the second decan of Taurus, writes “when we don’t let ourselves be known, we make ourselves untouchable by those we care for… but it is two-way, dynamic, heart-to-heart touch that makes deep healing possible—after all, it was in deep connection that our oldest injuries were sustained, and so perhaps it is in deep connection that the roots of such wounds might be properly treated.”

Every nature needs nurture.❞
——Eche Agubata

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 unknown

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Aries/Taurus Balsamic Moon
—April 29

Tomorrow’s new moon awaits us, but not before the more assertive moon moves into a more passively comfortable Taurean grounding.

From a go-getter mentality to a maintenance mode… yet, we’re still within a balsamic phase, and so there is no actual go-getting, and there is no maintaining, exactly, as everything, at this point, is already beyond you or your control—there is only mentalities of envisioning and subliminal preparedness.

One thing you might try, through this last balsamic phase day, is ‘listen to [your] inner voice…’ and “to listen without personalizing this voice in a glamour-producing manner—it is the voice of the Whole, of which one begins to realize that one is a tiny little part, yet a significant part, for every not of the universal chord has its place and its ineradicable meaning.”

Truly, whether “things are going well or not,” this can “be a time of at-one-ment or attunement…”

Notice cycles now…

Observe natural patterning…

Actually hear the music through the notes…

Actually listen to the lyrics…

Pull up a video on YouTube for Tibetan bowls… and really feel it.

Listen to your planets, within your own chart, and plan accordingly.

May you hit a chord that is in alignment to you…

Listen within yourself and look into the infinitude of Space and Time. There can be heard the songs of the Constellations, the voices of the Numbers, and the harmonies of the Spheres…
——The Divine Pymander

☽♉︎ by 5:18pm PDT; 6:18pm MDT; 7:18pm CDT; 8:18pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by vintagelart

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Aries Balsamic Moon
—April 28

Shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera states that the Aries balsamic moon is a moon “for strategy and tactics, for planning the attack rather than battling on the front lines…”

Because it’s a balsamic moon—we’re not actually doing anything, but rather, considering the doing.

All of yesterday’s energetic and etheric bounty—essential, though entirely envisioned—today is about potential: seeking it, recognizing it, acknowledging it, working with it, and radiating it.

When can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials?

Where within your personal reality can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials—despite potential setbacks or obstacles or challenges?

In what ways can you eventually assert yourself toward potentials?

An Aries moon needs to seek out toward the potentials, toward what is possible, toward what needs to be proven, to be birthed, to be realized—and today’s Aries moon runs into Chiron in conjunction through a degree that associates itself with ‘realizing polarity’, and so with that, the potentials that you challenge yourself with may be ‘enticing; alluring; revealing; tempting; or relating—based on control…’

However, please understand that ‘enticing’ or ‘alluring’, when dealing with the moon upon Chiron, is more of a victimization or manipulation, or a brokenness used, or a power dynamic misused or abused… or, more constructively, as something being destroyed in an effort to be renewed or transformed.

Is it possible—should today’s energies not manifest themselves so extremely—that you simply need to prepare to assess your personal inhibitions or vulnerabilities in regard to eventually asserting yourself toward your potentials?

Potential has a shelf life.❞
——Margaret Atwood

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by _.lunatico._

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Pisces/Aries Balsamic Moon
—April 27

Continued reckoning today, from yesterday—energetic, etheric, and essential reckoning…

The moon moves through the final degrees of Pisces through the morning, connecting with Jupiter in conjunction quite early, and moves into Aries* to begin the day on the west coast, and by noon on the east coast, and moving without aspecting through the rest of the day.

The morning, then, may feel mighty, full, harvested, and fertile for possibility and potential—new opportunities may be blooming, or you may be experiencing a full peak in whatever it is you’ve been working on or toward—the bounty of what you’re capable of is becoming more and more clear, recognizable, and perhaps visibly palpable.

Especially as the moon forges forward into Aries, and the day’s energies grow more and more forceful and impatiently forward-feeling—it’s important to ‘keep your personal goals clearly before your mind’s eye; stay on course, undistracted by society’s enticements and threats; and penetrate insight into the human heart.’

Tomorrow will be a new day… though it may present its issues.

Today—know exactly where you’re going, and why you’re heading in that direction.

Everything you have contact with will be woven into your garden.
——Kathy Stinson

*☽♈︎ by 9:10am PDT; 10:10am MDT; 11:10am CDT; 12:10pm EDT

🖋️ by Jamie James; 📷 by amalita_

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