Forecast for Monday, June 15th
Aries Balsamic Moon; Part 2

Humanist philosopher Marsilio Ficino once wrote that “mortals ask God for good things every day, but they never pray that they may make good use of them…”

Not only is the month of June at its midpoint—the energies are piquing upon something of a midpoint, as well… there is so much potential in the air these days, in all directions, in all ways, on so many levels—as your Not Yet continues to unravel here in your Now—these piquing potentials are just waiting to be believed in.

❝The world is full of magic things, patiently waiting for our senses to grow sharper.❞
——W.B. Yeats

Also, from now until June 30th, in the time it takes the moon to navigate the zodiac from Aries to Capricorn—a retrograded Jupiter and a retrograded Pluto will finally connect in conjunction through the twenty-fourth degree of Capricorn, exact on June 30th, only adding to the abundance of intensity abound…

In other words—if you’re already making space for vagueness, and for the audacity of trust in that vagueness… then it’s time to prepare for using the benefits of this trust wisely.

I tell you this now because we are currently at this midpoint, so from now through the remaining days of June you could work to prepare yourself in avoiding or resisting the squandering of potential. Today’s moon is squaring back to both Pluto and Jupiter in Capricorn, which, as noted above, will illuminate the retrograded conjunction of these two planetary energies could dramatically demand you to deeply and inwardly re-examine what you’re working for, and toward—and why—and to, instead, to prepare, by beginning to associate gains and potentials toward your Soul’s purpose, and to your own personal joy, and not to be wasteful.

❝We discover part of our true self only by conspicuous inspection of the depths of our conscience.❞
——Kilroy J. Oldster

In very big, and vulnerable, and deeply personal ways, your own perspective of your potentials now, and the trust you hold toward these, is quite powerful—it would behoove you to have an accurately clarifying perspective at this point of both your current circumstances and your bluer than blue horizons.

Here are some questions inspired by astrologer Tracy Marks to ask yourself as you navigate through these current and upcoming transitions…

What are you seeking?

What do you seek to learn in this realm of your life? 

How might you expand beyond old boundaries without overextending yourself?

How might you explore new experiences?

How might you remain in touch with your gut experience?

What will help you to give yourself the space you need to experience more freedom of action?

How might you become more truly aware of what is essential to you now?

How might you better enjoy your responsibilities?

How might you cope with the destruction of the old, if such destruction is necessary?—while facilitating the creation of the new.

How might you increase your positive energy and enthusiasm? 

What could you do “in a big way”?

How might you grow and expand your own resources?

How might you plunge beneath the surface and deepen your experiences?

How might you increase your understanding here and assimilate your experiences?

How might you use your perceptiveness for your own and others benefit?

How might you better live by and apply your understanding?

How might you constructively release the poisons that may be accumulating within yourself in regard to these transitions?

How might you make your experiences through these transitions more meaningful?

How might you regenerate yourself through these transitions?—renewing our remaking yourself in accordance with these transitions…

How might you express and fulfill your life purpose through this realm of your life?

How might you experience your personal power now, rather than welding power over others or feeling powerless?

How might you use your own power to transform, heal, or regenerate yourself and others?

How might you contribute to society through these transitions?

Who do you wish to become through these transitions?

…just to name a few.

❝Claim and consciously use your power.❞
——Louise L. Hay

The midpoint degree through which the forward-thinking moon illuminates both Jupiter and Pluto associates itself with “the revelation of new potentialities…” yet, it mustn’t be overlooked, or underestimated, that the likelihood of revelation now is quite high, so is becoming obsessed—again, with awareness and preparation, may you use your potentials wisely… “the mind which finds itself confronted with a totally unfamiliar and as yet unexperienced type of potency finds it difficult at first to adjust to its new world of perception and possibilities of action—he may rush ahead excitedly and lose his bearings… he should try to reach a state of calm watchfulness, and to learn that at this level too there are limits and restrictions… it is a symbol of warning—a warning against undertaking more than it is as yet safe and sound to attempt…”

Rudhyar continues, regarding this midpoint degree, to “be open… be able and willing to shape your translucent mind in the form revealing spiritual fulfillment, and you will be able to experience life and power on inner as well as outer planes… the implied message is one of faith—man can only truly experience what he deeply believes he can experience—it announces the possibility of a new step in evolution, but it is still only a possibility, a promise; the individual is truly on probation.”

In other words, I wonder, as we approach this turning point within the celestial weathers, are we being challenged?

❝Opportunity does not waste time with those who are unprepared.❞
——Idowu Koyenikan

I am writing a separate post, regarding the second Jupiter/Pluto conjunction, my promised Part 2 to be published within the next week or two, though I will note here, as well, that this second conjunction will occur through the twenty-fourth degree of Capricorn, a degree which associates itself with an “openness to the influx of spiritual energies…” which is but one of the reasons why I have been yammering on for weeks now about willfully participating in honest open-mindedness and open-heartedness—although, arguably, this is always good practice.

To be an open vessel, ready to receive, signals to universal law that there is intentioned space to be fulfilled… whereas, to be a closed-off, guarded, distrusting, and apathetic vessel—this signals to universal law that there is no need. And, to honor the ultimate message of today’s translations—without an honest effort in trust regarding an open-mindedness and open-heartedness… without a willful effort to acknowledge what these potentials could not only offer, but open within and illuminate…

May you use your revelations and potentially wisely… may you be prepared for opportunity, whatever it might look like.

❝Dare to rise, when all voices behind you say you can’t get there, ignore them and move on… it’s not about the talents and gifts you have; it’s about how wise you optimize them!❞
——Israelmore Ayivor

“Making way for what cannot be foreseen, and giving voice to a sensibility that is entirely pregnant with worlds within worlds held intact, and offered up upon the altar of the world stage…”*

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Image credit— unknown… if you know which tarot deck I can credit, please let me know, thank you ★

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