Forecast for Tuesday, July 7th
Aquarius Disseminating Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—we are energy; protect this, tend to this, give and take from it reciprocatively…

Something instinctual tells me that Prometheus was a loner, an outcast, a ‘strange one’ as they say—as is typical with Uranian types… the moral of the story wasn’t at all about such inclusive love for humanity, or spiritual connection to it, but toward the overall desperate need humanity exhibited—Prometheus recognized a demand and connected the supply.

Likewise, Tesla. Portrayals associate him as an odd duck. Brilliant. Ahead of his time. Alienated. And, eventually—isolated, exiled, and reclused. Again—quite Uranian. Something tells me that Tesla wasn’t seeking fame, necessarily, or adoration, or even a connection to humanity—to be included in ways he simply was not… no, I think he merely recognized very Prometheanly a demand and made honest efforts to connect the supply.

❝I don’t care that they stole my idea… I care that they don’t have any of their own.❞
——Nikola Tesla

Like Prometheus, Tesla had no agenda or strings attached—the torch and electrical spark alike, were offered free of charge… until Zeusian motivations inevitably took over and attached a price tag and deemed it a privilege over a comfortable right of reality—light.

The moon is void of course all day, and as many of you have likely learned, when the moon is VOC in Aquarius—there is an alienating restlessness or awkward sense of disconnected and timeless isolation or scattered semblance of obscured normality… each of us take it on differently—but in any of these complicated obscurities it is intended to inspire revelation.

❝One of the main occupations of the ego seems to be creating confusion. And we are willing to stick to this confusion and make it a habitual pattern of everyday life. We do this because confusion provides a tremendously stable ground to sink into. Confusion also provides a way of occupying oneself.❞
——Chögyam Trungpa

However. In knowing this—and in feeling this confounding static of frequency all around—it could be effectively beneficial to know that this time… this time this strangely confusing and protesting vibration is likely leading to something… is likely leading beyond… beyond the habitual, beyond the conditional.

This time, I think it might have a direct current—clearly I understand little about ‘actual’ energy currents; I had to do some research…

Something referred to as dielectric strength regards “the maximum electric field that a pure material can withstand under ideal conditions without breaking down—i.e. without experiencing failure of its insulating properties”… and as strangely as this definition came to me—these building energies are strangely withstanding something phenomenal before they will, inevitably, ‘break down’.

I’m unsure, at this point, if my understanding of this is accurate or not—but I feel as though I’m trying to explain the likelihood and potentiality for individuated and revelatory discovery of some kind, to be used creatively and shared.

❝You have to work out what it is you can’t do, obscure it, and focus on what works.❞
——Zadie Smith

The upcoming last quarter moon in Aries on July 12th will likely be a doozy… and this is when—I wonder—these currents of potential and power will actually surge and, ultimately, break down through the likes of a metaphorical fireworks finale… when Zeusian takeover will ‘put out the light’ or demand conditions of sorts, or large groups will inspire blazing bonfires of outcry—or a little of both, I’m somewhat rambling on here, my imagination… yet, to work with these energies it must be acknowledged or understood that these energies must be tended to, protected—inspired.

❝If you want to find the secrets of the universe, think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration.❞
——Nikola Tesla

The Law of Conservation of Energy states that ‘energy cannot be created or destroyed…’ meaning that the total amount of energy in the universe never changes, although it may change from one form to another—energy never dies, as they say… it simply changes form.

All brilliance that has ever, is, or will ever surface has been, is, and will be within all along, within yourself… the answers to all the secrets within the mysterious hiddenness that haunts you lies, indeed, within you. Go figure.

Of course it does.

This said—any breakdowns you’re potentially experiencing, or feeling as though you will in time—these are simply the results of dielectric strength, much like narrow-mindedness, and will break down into other sources of inspiration, to be offered and taken on—like ideas… for something new.

A breakthrough.

If you allow. If you tend to these matters in this protective way.

Perhaps you’re recognizing a demand in your own reality—a demand for which will require you connect the supply, without agenda or condition.

❝Pain and suffering are a kind of currency passed from hand to hand until they reach someone who receives them but does not pass them on.❞
——Simone Weil

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