Forecast for Sunday, July 19th
Cancer Balsamic Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—respecting and allowing the laws of ebb and flow..

The ‘Breakers’ is a mansion residing in Newport, Rhode Island upon Ochre Point along the historic Bellevue Avenue—belonging to the Vanderbilt’s, this ‘cottage’ earned its name through the constant sounds of the ocean waves of the Atlantic endlessly crashing and ‘breaking’ against the man-made stone wall from below, a wall which holds up and allows for a roughly three or so mile cliff walk along the backside of the many varied mansions that line the avenue along the coastline.

Speaking of up above from down below…

Today we experience a new detail within the current celestial traffic—today we’ll experience what it feels like down below when up above the Cancer moon transitions from its separation with Mars to the applying of oppositions with the reunited Capricorn stellium… something tells me that this transition will be less than yesterday’s yammering of ideal.

Something tells me it might be a bit of a ‘breaking’ point for many folks.

(See what I’m doing there?) *wink*

(Awkwardly trying to make light of something potentially very heavy or emotionally quite harsh…)

And next month, mid-month, we’ll get to do it all over again (only differently, with true authentic vulnerability—because this time, it’s possible that there is a real emotional learning curve, or that not all the facts and figures are obvious or available yet).

Let’s all remain calm—and remember the mercy of humor—and recall that tomorrow is not only the new moon in Cancer, loosely opposing the reunited Capricorn stellium—but opposing a recently retrograded Saturn exactly—much like envisioning a breakage upon a concrete wall.

Okay, okay—I couldn’t help myself…

But you’ll see—if not from within, up and down and all around. There may be little you can do other than surrender to the inevitable breaking—unless to lean in or try to surf through it?

Though I fear many will close up or close down and become the wall.

Maybe try to envision the soothing sounds of the ocean rolling in and crashing to calm you? Whatever your circumstances—they are likely irrational and emotional and consuming you beyond logic or reason.

And try to meditate on the energies of ebb and flow… even if you’re not directly experiencing a breaking point, a breakage, or a breakdown—a breakthrough, as well, could be enough to take you over today… it will be important to remember to respond rather than react, either way, but to also acknowledge, respect, and allow for universal law—as above, so below… as within, so beyond.

❝The tide will always turn at the set time.❞
——Lailah Gifty Akita

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