Forecast for Friday, July 24th
Virgo Crescent Moon; Part 2

★Oracular Overview—everything is relative, however…

It was only May when the moon would square the Nodes each month from both Aries and Libra, hitting upon them through conjunctions of cardinality in both Cancer and Capricorn… now the moon squares the Nodes each month from Virgo and Pisces, meshing mutabilities with  conjunctions of meaning.

Obviously, the eclipses likely scattered a bit of this shift, distracting it from its potential charms… but now—now I would imagine (as I write this ahead of time when the moon is separating from a square to the Nodes from Pisces…) you might feel the difference.

Today the moon will square the Nodes from Virgo, though only after connecting to all the reunited Capricorn stellium planetary forces through a friendly trine—the exact energies that only as recently as May were re-triggered angularly four times each month.

What in your personal reality has emerged, faded, or shape-shifted since May?

The major changes within your reality have likely already been willfully taken on or have occurred upon you by now.

So what now?—because something continues to stir…

❝Up level your life so much you have to reintroduce yourself to the world.❞
——@spiritdaughter on Instagram

The Nodal shift from cardinality to mutability is huge—and I would imagine that you’ll begin to feel this if you aren’t already—this shift emphasizes the frequencies of change, and the necessity in allowing necessary change to occur.

Mutability embodies the marginality for error—as it is through these ‘errors’ that an ideal will eventually shape from… especially in regard to the exact beginnings and patterning of your thought processes (Gemini), your personal duty—and sometimes struggle—to your own highest potentials (Virgo), your vulnerabilities in underestimating yourself (Sagittarius), and your merciful tendencies to allow the world at large to beat you down when you’re only trying to set examples of compassion (Pisces).

What’s silliest to me is that much of the cookbook descriptions of Virgo will describe many of the shadow inclinations as scripture when this is as far from the truth of an evolved Virgoan character as it could get.

For example, Virgo is described and chastised alike for being perfectionistic… words are powerful, aren’t they?—the very word blasts something of a harshly rigid and coldly unapologetic nun or priest-like archetypal conjuring, assigned with a ruler to scold and the word of God to punish…

Whereas, an evolved Virgoan influence understands that perfection is unlikely—though preferred, always—and that, perhaps most importantly, the soul is divine, and created from the image of perfection itself… why not live in practice of perfection through dutiful worship in action, through soul service, in working toward the ideal in every turn?

Thereby, it isn’t so much perfectionist—but improvement-seeking.

❝When I write I rarely do second drafts. I’ll do a second draft just to clean up typos and maybe a little shift in the structure, but I’ve always been attracted to the way that people who don’t know how to draw, draw. Their energy is so direct between the pencil and the paper and it’s not cluttered with bullshit style… I feel the more drafts you put writing through the more you repaint the same painting, all the blood is taken out. It no longer has life in it.❞
——David Wojnarowicz

There are many contradictions surging through the symbolisms of Virgo…

Virgo represents the sixth house of work and inequality, suggesting scenarios of boss and employee, though, Virgoan symbolisms of virginity imply not chastity but absolute selfhood—as in self-ownership—which would thereby suggest not boss/employee but faith and faithful, to serve our own authentic images of perfection by actively participating in our own highest potentials, every day, in service to All That Is… this is no work grinding 9-to-5 job from hell itself scenario—this is willful participation in the Divine birthright.

The energies of mutability serve to remind us of this; we will error, and these errors, if erred in faith, with love—are perfect mistakes, gentle twists and turns upon the journey of highest potential.

I am, by no means, suggesting that from now through next year four times each month we’ll experience error in action.


❝I discovered that my obsession for having each thing in the right place, each subject at the right time, each word in the right style, was not the well-deserved reward of an ordered mind but just the opposite: a complete system of pretense invented by me to hide the disorder of my nature.❞
——Gabriel Garcia Marquez

What I am suggesting, however, is to fulfill your soul authority of selfhood to participate in the divinity of it all, as we will be given four opportunities each month for the next year and a half or so to check and adjust our awareness toward the exact beginnings and patterning of our thought processes, the extent and limitations of our personal duty to our highest potentials, to acknowledge our inclinations of vulnerability in underestimating ourselves and work to improve upon this through following its cause to its source, and to learn, finally, to discern that which is an appropriate use of our mercy and compassion, and, rightly, what is not.

And, in doing right by efforts of practiced improvements—the next several days may provide some opportunities for you to embrace this learning curve of both managing and authoring your life…

As we approach the upcoming first quartered moon in Scorpio it is imperative we strive to learn what our own limitations are in regard to personal character, as well as working to find effective means in improving these through divine expansion, and to acknowledge that we all have our own limitations which are being struggled with as such.

Learning to navigate these colliding limitations will assuredly be a lesson in participating in best practices.

❝I am a great friend of chaos. It’s all we have. I mean, this whole concept of being able to manage life… life is risk, life is chance, life is being open to chance. The best things in my life, and probably in anybody’s life, come out of being open to being blown off course.❞
——Tilda Swinton

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