Forecast for Tuesday, September 8th
Gemini Disseminating Moon

★Oracular Overview—balancing practicality with intuitive response…

Yesterday’s good vibrations shift into a stabilizing swirl of pulsivity as it moves void of course* through nine hours of vibratory thickening for much of the day before finally shifting into the more mental machinations of Gemini.

This said, the moon continues shrinking, and thereby weakening, preparing for what’s really going on—around you in your immediate environment, from within, but also all around you, as far the collective, into the ethers… envisioning both the raw and overwhelming actuality of what’s occurring underneath it all, as well as all those ambitiously ambivalent and lofty hopes being aimlessly shared in all directions—this month, despite beginning upon a full and bursting moon, it is likely to propel our reality as we know it into a vortex of powerful force.

Powerful forces of seemingly oppositional duality.

❝You asked me how to get out of the finite dimensions when I feel like it. I certainly don’t use logic when I do it. Logic’s the first thing you have to get rid of.❞
——J.D. Salinger

Laurence Boldt writes in his book, “Zen and the Art of Living”, that “the problem-solving approach to life generates feelings of fear and anxiety… since our problem-solving efforts all appear as tail-chasing and do not resolve, we then soon tire of them and seek relief in escape—from a problem-solving approach, escape is what passes for joy, though it is not the true joy of “heightened consciousness”, but the limited pleasure of diminished awareness…”

To think, instead, from a place of creativity… this opens to much.

As Einstein even stated, “imagination is more important than knowledge” and that “the only really valuable thing is intuition…” not to mention, to do the same thing, over and over and over again, and expecting a different result—is absolute insanity.

These seemingly oppositional dualities, as well as Boldt’s association to problem-solving, describe Virgoan and Piscean energies, uncannily.

Intuitions birth creations, which inspire learning, which can be managed through an educated, and thereby supportive and supported journey…

The root origins of the word ‘educate’ describe the ‘drawing out’ of potential… today may be an ideal day to simply think things through, in an effort of drawing out the potential to be acknowledged, and honored…

The six steps of critical thinking are as follows—

• organize the information
• apply structured reasoning
• consider all evidence
• identify assumptions
• evaluate all arguments
• communicate a conclusion

Actively applying these steps as you navigate your next moves both practically and intuitively this month, and through the rest of the year, may truly help you in eliminating the noise from the natural flow, the essential from the irrelevant, and the important from the unimportant.

❝To be properly expressed a thing must proceed from within, moved by its form.❞
——Meister Eckhart

Boldt, L. “Zen and the Art of Making a Living.” Penguin Arkana; ©1999.

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❝The joy of life comes from our encounters with new experiences, and hence there is no greater joy than to have an endlessly changing horizon, for each day to have a new and different sun.❞
——Christopher McCandless

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