Forecast for Sunday, April 18th
Cancer Crescent Moon

As today’s moon moves through the feels and feelings of Cancer—particularly a Cancer moon squaring a wounded Chiron—as today’s moon applies a first quartered moon, exact tomorrow… the receiving sun connects with Mercury in conjunction at 29° Aries, a superior conjunction at that, upon a degree which associates itself to the “listening [of one’s] inner voice…”

In order to do this, however—in an authentic effort to listen to your own inner voice—you will likely need to emotionally embrace and affectively accommodate a “revision of attitude at the beginning of a new cycle of experience.”

As new experiences are in the air these days, these new experiences are asking you to embrace an entirely new perspective—and it’ll likely need to be one that might feel a little uncomfortable… because “the problem of focusing one’s energies upon emotional drives… which exclude far more than they include…”

However… somehow, through revisions and new perspectives, “a new dimension of consciousness is discovered, revealing higher possibilities of experience and mental development.”

New experiences are upon you, within new cycles of relating and behaving and perceiving… try to take on a new way of thinking about and feeling through something—you just never know… you might grow.

If you’re willing—something is happening, underneath it all… and if you’re willing—there is a much larger opportunity lying within the opportunity to focus upon a single, small detail.

Not everyone can be a truffle. Most of us are potatoes. And a potato is a very good thing to be.
——Massimo Bottura

Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.

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