Forecast for Saturday, April 17th
Gemini Crescent Moon; Part 3

Apologies for the same-day post—what can I say?!—the Gemini moon…

The moon finally moves beyond the swirling bowl aspecting, which has been illuminated, particularly, since April 1st, though it has been planetarily perpetrated since March… the moon moving beyond the bowl should illuminate a fresh new perspective, and with it, likely, new thoughts and feelings toward both current and recent occurrences.

I say thoughts and feelings yet—through the perspectives of a Gemini moon, these feelings could feel more mental… and then, just wait—tomorrow, when the moon moves into Cancer: you’ll likely think that everything will feel much much more emotional.

Through this shift between thoughtful and emotional—rather, between thoughtful and meaningful—between an idea and the action of processing through said idea… between this change—something is happening here.

May you think and feel your way through it.

The universe is changing, the universe is expanding. Everything is constantly changing. So when a human being remains unchanged, like a rock, clinging to what he or she is throughout an entire lifetime, it’s a tragedy. A human being has to be fluid, changing, expanding, developing, and at any given moment, has to ask, ‘Why am I suffering? Why does this bother me? Why am I searching for something? Why do I hate such and such thing? Why can’t I forgive and why can’t I liberate myself from this?’ All of my work is that, it’s the development of a character who slowly but surely expands, self-actualizes, and reaches a higher spiritual level… my characters obtain wisdom—to arrive at such wisdom is to arrive at the joy of living.
——Alejandro Jodorowsky

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——O.R. Melling      

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