Forecast for June 13th
Pisces Balsamic Moon

Surrendering and acting intuitively is this weekend’s energetic vibration.

Interestingly, since March, a lunarly lineup offering Piscean balsamic phases has inspired endings upon endings, and today will be the last of these until March of 2021-through the last of the darkest phase of the dark moon-the deepest depths of the psyche are being rummaged and, eventually, revived.

❝You have to create space: you have to remove something, you have to break something down in your life, in order to bring in the new.❞
——Kathrin Zenkina

We’re preparing. We’re preparing for what lies ahead. We’re preparing space for new ideas, new ideals, and those bluer than blue horizons.

Despite very likely not knowing all the facts or details—we’re preparing to venture forward…

Author Marianne Williamson says that “spiritual growth involves giving up the stories of your past so the universe can write new ones…” and when fully considered, exactly what it means to ‘give up the stories…’ astrologer Rob Brezsny prepared a list of potential definitions—

1. Don’t assume that experiences you’ve had before will be repeated in the future.

2. Don’t assume that your ideas about the nature of your destiny will always be true.

3. Even good things that have happened before may be small and limited compared to the good things that could happen for you in the years to come.

4. Fully embrace the truth that the inherent nature of existence is endless transformation—which is why it’s right and natural for you to ceaselessly outgrow the old plot lines of your life story and embrace new ones.

❝We must rewrite our story from one of fear to one of celebration.❞
——Kameron Hurley

Also, and ever so directly Piscean—Mars connects with Neptune in conjunction this morning.. today is so Pisces/Neptunian it’s literally unreal.

Today would be an ideal day to daydream, most simply, or to dreamily tune in listening to music—also, the actively pursued efforts in either intentioned visualization or focused meditation could be wildly effective… even through tomorrow, after the moon pushes forward into Aries—perhaps especially so.

These meditations and visualizations and daydreams, however, best be thoroughly supported by faith.. absolutely blinded faith.

All of these points only speak to support and collaborate Piscean frequencies-toward compassion, open-heartedness, unconditional love, and trust.. all of which demand, however passively and subtly, the surrendering of egoic-based reactions and fears-to be still with your shadows, to find a comfort within the quiet, and, through recent personal explorations and active understanding toward that which no longer lights your way or fuels your heart to continue beating… to release, to forgive, and to allow space for new illuminations.

❝That’s the thing about freewill: every decision we make is a choice against something as much as it is for something else.❞
——Rebecca Serle

Speaking of visualization—visualize yourself as an empty vessel, open to receive abundantly, to fill and overflow.

And trust—blindly.

Rudhyar speaks of this degree through which Mars and Neptune connect in Pisces associates itself with “the witnessing of another kind of discovery—a sensuously emotional discovery, perhaps a presentiment… it brings together past and future, an overlapping of levels… a hope for a future that can only be felt, almost naively.”

Another perspective associates to “trance states, [being] at home in psychic realms and other realities… the self abandoning the tribe—to the sweep of the moment, to the energies that arise, on fire with longing and poignant, bittersweet reflections, emotional, depths-centered, superphysical, energized tremendously by special occasions, extraordinary meetings, unexpected miracles and tragedies-expectant and waiting for something wild and unknown to break through…”

What a wonderfully convenient motley mixture of Pisces and Aries—as above, so below indeed.

Of course, the shadowy tendency here would be escapist actions, the drear of disillusionment, taking on an/Other’s traumas personally, or blurred and blurred strategies being clung to and needing to be clarified, especially when reality is unrelenting and confusing. Do try to resist these tendencies now, and arguably, always-the universe needs your vibration, (especially if) it is open to receive.

❝All things are ready, if our mind be so.❞
——William Shakespeare

We’re preparing.

We’re preparing for new ideals, however clumsily, awkwardly, woefully unprepared, or flamboyantly disorganized—we’re figuring it out and feeling it out and consciously unraveling the next turns of our new reality, and setting the tone for new stories of the future and its possibilities…

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Rudhyar, D. “An Astrological Mandala.” Vintage Books; ©1973.
Lonsdale, E. “Inside Degrees: Developing Your Soul Biography Using the Chandra Symbols.” North Atlantic Books, Inc; ©1997.

Image credit— @ig_hassy on Instagram


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