Forecast for Tuesday, August 25th
Sagittarius 1st Quarter Moon

★Oracular Overview—step by step, but be prepared to stop or slow down…

It was Stoic philosopher Seneca who claimed that “a quarrel is quickly settled when deserted by one party, that there is no battle unless there be two…”

Today’s first-quartered moon at 2°59′ Sagittarius associates itself toward the “transcendent ritualization of conflict… [through the symbolism of] two men playing chess…”¹ and thereby “you may need to be very thoughtful and cautious about the moves you make and the risks that you are prepared to take… it’s important to take into account the wider picture and all the possible outcomes of any actions taken—impulsive acts with no forward planning will probably be risky and may lead to others taking advantage…”²

We can’t always rush a winning game, though Sagittarian energies seem to frequently be hurried—this could present some obstacles… it could get a little nuts *wink*

❝I feel as if I were a piece in a game of chess when my opponent says of it: that piece cannot be moved.❞
——Søren Kierkegaard

Further, “there can be a lot at stake here if you ‘lose’, but there may be much to be gained in you ‘win’… effective strategies and forward-thinking maneuvers are needed—take some time to compose yourself and assess what’s really going on: you may then find the way forward or out of the maze or conflict…”²

Tortoise mentality, yes?—be here now… slowly wins the race—be prepared to stop, slow down, wait, be delayed, or experience an obtuse obstacle.

Finally, and perhaps most crucially, “it can be very difficult to relax in this type of competitive environment—one often feels that they can’t let their guard down for one moment… take one step at a time, thinking all the while, and move with purpose and forethought.”²

Very much like the tortoise, from the parable with the impatient hare… just do your best to keep your eye on the prize.

❝The two hardest tests on the spiritual road are the patience to wait for the right moment and the courage not to be disappointed with what we encounter.❞
——Paulo Coelho

Not only is taking one step at a time, mindfully and consciously, extremely crucial these days—moving with purpose and forethought is also essential—so is seeking out what we do not know, as shamanic astrologer Raven Kaldera refers to this moon as the Seekers Moon, a moon when “we allow ourselves to yearn…” a moon when we “allow ourselves to look at the pain of all we do not know and at the slim likelihood of our ability to know—not all of it, but enough to satisfy us through new spiritual experiences…”³

I would imagine the the tortoise, too, has much to yearn…

The word ‘yearn’ is quite ancient, becoming a word before 900AD—allow me to look back upon its etymology; its Old English derivative meant ‘eager’, akin to its Old Norse definition of ‘desire’, whereas the Greek word associated yearning with rejoicing, meaning to ‘see joy’, derived from the original Sanskrit word, háryati, which was more closely defined as craving… yearning has come a long way, and how appropriate for this word to be so associated with Sagittarian energies—as the Archer/Centaur archetype most definitely knows a thing or two about yearning, either for the goal or ideal itself, and the actually experience thereof, or simply for the ability to venture about with human legs.

Embracing an open-minded curiosity is good—and probably necessary!—though maintaining a keen and motivated eye on the prize, simultaneously, will behoove you as well… yearning, as well, for each of the ultimate motions and movements involved toward your ideal, and the actual experiencing of these motions and movements.

There are many things we’ll never know for sure, and many things that will likely remain, always, a yearning—a mystery—as defined by the most recent assemblage… though there are countless unthinkable scenarios and circumstances for which we should all be so grateful to not be bound by or consumed with—accidental ignorances, truly, are blessings…

My astrological assessment of the current energies, wholeheartedly, is to take each day for what it is, to be consciously present through each day, with a patient vision of the end goal… and to simply be the best version of yourself each day—curious, open to alternatives, and determined to thrive.

❝Be here now.❞
——Ram Dass

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Image credit— @les.creatonautes on Instagram

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