Virgo/Libra Disseminating Moon
—January 22

What’s the central/cerebral issue today?

Today’s moon connects to Pluto by trine, and then, once in Libra, illuminates the sun/Mercury Rx inferior conjunction at 3°23′ Aquarius… if there was ever a day—you know that old saying: that the teacher/healer/muse will appear when you’re ready?

Well. If you’re ready… the teacher/healer/muse will likely be absolutely everywhere.

Not literally. 


But maybe literally—who’s to know?

You likely won’t be able to make much sense at all about anything in any way past Tuesday!—rationally, at least… much less, have any clear or understandable way to express whatever it is you’re needing to express, or questioning, or wondering about, or struggling through…

The point of the energies is to go inward, to go within yourself—this is true, “especially if you concentrate your energies on the issue that needs solving…”

So, as I said—when you’re ready, be open to reflectively receive… and should you not receive, you’re not yet ready—likely because these energies are not catering to a wish, if this is what you’re assuming this is about… but rather, these energies are connecting to an inherent need that better aligns you with All That Is, if you’re being blatantly and wholly honest with yourself.

In other words—don’t waste your wishes: you’ve got to do your unique part with these energies… nothing falling from the sky or materializing from the ethers—not this time… 

This time—you’re making your own magic and manifesting your own wishes, and I wish to you only the very best of reflections.

If we ask, we should also be prepared to give.❞ ——Stephen Richards

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Image credit— @seize_gallery on Instagram

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